Tunnel Vision

Saturday, 28 January 2017 22:53

Since we drew a line under our 2016 growing season a few weeks ago, 

we've been up to our necks in maintenance, new infrastructure projects, and planting bulbs and perennials for the loyal and enthusiastic people who enjoy Gillyflower and like what it represents. Our Spring season is set to be up and running much earlier next year and to include an even greater variety of colour, fragrance and shape.   While much of our routine might seem a slog, most (especially the sowing and growing) is a joy and full of surprises. 

As an example of the 'duller' side, we've just invested in a 2.5 meter telescopic squeegee to wash our large polytunnel. It may sound dull, but after a working life of 2 years, the polythene has as much green growing on it as in it, and the first cleaned panel was a gobsmacker. Let there be light! and there certainly was.  

Our newest addition,pictured above, is a caterpillar tunnel - much smaller than the 36' x 16' x 7'4 polytunnel I've just started cleaning. This new tunnel (25' x 4' x 4' ) was erected to give our Ranunculus an early start. In the warm, wind-free environment. We're giving them a chance to enjoy the early Spring sunshine and get off the blocks early in April.