Fast away the Old Year Passes…

Saturday, 28 January 2017 22:53

Another season is passed, and our fields lie fallow…

What a strange year. For us a digging deeper (albeit through flint and the roots of oaks) and a few steps closer to our home, this beautiful, ferocious planet. We've been graced with the bounty of the Earth : rain and sun, and flowers have been our fond companions for most of the last nine months.

We've also enjoyed the company of kestrels, robins, wrens, toads, pigeons, woodpeckers, frogs, and occasional squirrels; the fields have been visited in our absence by a few respectful nocturnals; the lengthening and shortening of days have taken on a new familiarity and significance, and we're reminded constantly that our lives are lived amid stars and planets as well as flowers.

All of it is a gift beyond deserving.